WDBK is the radio voice of Camden County College and has been serving Camden County College and Camden County since 1977. WDBK is a 100-watt, non-commercial radio station broadcasting 24/7 from our studios on the Blackwood campus at 91.5FM. WDBK’s mission is to provide a “real-life radio” learning environment for the students of Camden County College who wish to pursue a career in broadcasting and communications.

WDBK is staffed by Camden County College students, along with assistance from College faculty and administration. The daily radio station operations are supervised by the station man年龄r. We provide our listeners with a diverse musical format, news, sports, and public service programming.

WDBK student volunteers will learn FCC rules and regulations. Those who wish to be “on-the-air” will have the opportunity to learn how to operate the broadcast equipment and host a show. Students will learn how to use production equipment, produce promos and public service announcements, among other things. They’ll learn about all the different departments that make up a radio station and have the opportunity to get involved in them, 太.

Additional updates to come as the semester begins.

Contact Information

Radio Station Coordinator
电子邮件: nearnshaw@cecilgilliard.com
Phone: 856-227-7200 ext. 4881